Grant Peeples' Clay Tablets Episode 3

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You are invited to join Episode 3 of Grant Peeples' Clay Tablets broadcast on Tuesday, May 19th , 8:30 pm EDT.  It will be live video with Grant, broadcasting from Winterstone Studio in Tallahassee.  There will be stories, songs, special guest interviews and  more!

To sign up, please fill in your email address below and click 'Next.'  Then you will see a form to choose any donation amount.  Please note a processing fee of about 5% plus 1.00 will be added to your donation amount, so choose your amount accordingly. (For example---$1.49  would be added to a $5 donation, $2.17 to a $20 donation, or $6.05 to a $100 donation--this pays for the software we use to accept your payment) 

Once you submit your donation (it will be by credit or debit card-no PayPal link at this time)  you will receive a confirmation email with a private link to the broadcast. (save this email or link somewhere so that you can locate it on the night of the show) You will also receive instructions on the simple way to join the show. 

We hope to 'see' you there!

To sign up---start with entering your email below, and click 'next' to finish up. MAKE SURE you enter your email address correctly---this is the address where you will receive your link to the broadcast.

-Donna and the Peeples Republik Team

***Any questions, please contact Donna at or call or text 229-224-0124